Having the main goal of bringing a piece of Thailand Culture into the United States, Thai Mile High business owners decided to put up their very own Thai restaurant in 2015 for the residents and visitors of Aurora, CO.

Because of our love for the traditional Thai food, we always stick to the traditional way of cooking and preparation. This is to make sure that when you dine in our restaurant you would have an exquisite Thailand cuisine experience even if you are in the US. In order to fully achieve this goal, the ingredients that we use for every dish follows the original recipe – no substitutes or alterations were made. Some of the ingredients we use are imported from Thailand to make sure the authenticity of the meals.

Authentic Thai recipes do not include Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and it is strictly followed by our restaurant chefs. This is one of the characteristics that sets the dishes of Thai Mile High from that of the other restaurants in the area.

Veterans are very dear to us and we offer a 10% discount for them. Aside from the discount, sales of the special Thai candies that we sell proceeds to a special veteran community that we support.

So, if you are looking for a local Thai Restaurant here in Aurora, CO who can offer you the healthiest, most authentic, and the most budget-friendly dishes, then Thai Mile High is your best choice! For deliveries, you can call us at 720-532-0308. You can also send us an email at thaimilehigh@yahoo.com if you want to avail of our catering services.